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Scrambles Dog Training School


You may have seen Dog Agility on Television. It is where they fly over jumps and through hoops, up and down ramps and seesaws and in and out of weave poles. But… there is a lot needed to do it properly!

Our Foundation agility courses are a combination of obedience skills and basic agility designed to give you and your dog the very best start in Agility.

We hold classes for all different levels of ability at Scrambles, from Beginners all the way up to Championship level.

Lu Candy’s Rif (Wildkap Rif Raf) showing a great takeoff and jumping style

Firstly, before you begin a small amount of obedience is needed. They should be able to Sit and Down on cue have a reasonable Wait and most importantly be able to recall to you away from exciting distractions. If not I would suggest enrolling with us for Obedience classes first.

We use only positive methods of training and the dogs learn with us through fun, reward and play. You just reward and praise your dog when he/she is right! Believe us, you’ll have as much to learn and as much fun as your dog does!

Our Instructors include some of the best handlers in the country with several of them working dogs at Kennel Club Championship level and all the instructors have had many years’ experience in Agility and worked various breeds of dogs.

Scrambles Agility training is kept up to date, with Lu and all the Instructors regularly attending seminars on new methods and systems.

We have foundation courses for beginners starting about every twelve weeks.

Cost of Foundation course is £80 for an eight week course. Second course reduces to £64, and after that you are invited to become a Scrambles member and cost reduces yet again!

Please contact us to request an enrolment form.

Personal one to one agility training

We also do one to one sessions either for those people who prefer individual tuition for themselves and their dogs or to fill in until the next course starts or as a try out to ensure you and your dog will enjoy Agility, although 99.9% of dogs do. These are half hour sessions and cost £30 for the first one and £25 thereafter. They can be fitted in at a mutually convenient time.

For those dogs already doing Agility that would like to join us

Our Agility courses are a combination of continually upgrading and renewing all your dog’s basic to advanced agility skills designed to give you and your dog the very best help in Agility.

We would start you firstly with a one to one induction/assessment/training session (cost of £30) to help us decide which would be the best group to put you into.

We also do one to one lessons to help sort out any problems and to improve each combination of dog and handler’s performance.

Please contact us if you would like to enrol/book for a course or a one to one.